Terms & Conditions

ALL ABOUT CAKE TERMS AND CONDITIONS/ORDER AGREEMENT - These guidelines are here to protect you as my valued customer.   By proceeding with a purchase you are in agreement with our terms and conditions as stated below.

For celebration orders please allow at least 10-14 days notice, shorter timescales and last minute orders will be accommodated where possible but your choices of design may become limited the less notice is given. 

Please allow a minimum of 12 weeks for any wedding cake, shorter timescales will be accommodated where possible but your choices of design may become limited.

All cake orders are taken temporarily until a deposit is received.  Failure to pay a deposit within the specified timeframe will mean your cake will not be confirmed and your position may be given to another customer (see payment details below). 

If any product decoration choice is left un-chosen on your order then we reserve the right to use our own discretion.  In some extremely rare cases it may be necessary to slightly change a colour or vary a product from the picture on our site as certain cake decorating items may from time to time be unavailable by our suppliers. However, we will substitute the original product with an equally or better quality product. You will be notified upon order request if such change is to take place.  As each cake is made to order any cake may vary slightly from any image displayed on the website.


If cake orders are made via email it is your responsibility to make sure you receive emails at all times.  We will not be held liable in the event that you miss any of our emails (being for cake orders, deposits, and delivery/collection arrangements), due to internet, software or full mailbox or computer problems.

Order alterations that are made with less than 7 working days to the due date will be accommodated where possible. No alterations can be made with-in 5 working days to the delivery date.

If you wish to supply a digital image for edible image cakes, we only accept high resolution jpg images.

A cutting guide will be provided for any cake over 11” in size.  Portion guides are based on 1” x 2” of sponge cake and ½” x 1 ½“ of fruit cake.  This will not be achieved if the cake is cut differently and no responsibility will be accepted for the cutting of the cake.  Portion guides are only approximate and dependent on correct cutting.  We cannot be held responsible for shortfalls in portions.

In very rare and exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to cancel a cake order at any time.  No charges will be made and you will receive a full refund of your deposit however no compensation will be payable should this occur.

A minimum deposit for all celebration cakes of £20 is due at the point of order and this and any further deposits are non-refundable in the event of your cancellation.  All cake orders are taken temporarily until a deposit is received.  Failure to pay a deposit within the specified timeframe will mean your cake will not be confirmed and your position will be given to another customer.

The balance of the order is due not less than 3 days prior to collection/delivery for all celebration cakes and where agreed payment may be made upon collection/delivery.  Payment is due not less than 7 days prior to collection/delivery for all wedding cakes.  Payment delays may result in delivery deadlines being extended.

If you decide to cancel your order within the 7 days prior to delivery/collection, you will still be liable for the final payment.

Corrections and minor repairs to cakes, including inscription mistakes, can be corrected on the same day in most cases where such events are our own error and we ask that we are given the opportunity to correct such mistakes.  The maximum refund we offer is the value of the cake and delivery. Further compensation is not available.  However this does not apply to item (a) of collection and delivery below.

Collection and Delivery
a) We advise customers to check the cake at the time of collection/delivery, once the cake is received, we will assume the customer is satisfied with the cake and we will not accept any further responsibility for the cake. It is your responsibility for any damage caused to the cake after you or your nominated recipient has received the cake, any repairs or adjustments may incur additional charges.

b) Please make sure that a contact person will always be available to contact prior delivery.  If you have not arranged for someone at the delivery point to accept the cake, the cake will be deemed to be acceptable.

c) If you are not going to be the person collecting or receiving your order delivery, please ensure that your assigned order recipient or representative is fully aware and informed about your order description, including product care and storage instructions listed in this agreement. Your assigned order recipient or representative will need to check your order carefully as been correct and in good order. Once our cake is collected by your assigned order recipient or representative, your order will be deemed as "accepted".

d) If the cake is to be left unattended at the venue, we cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss occurring after we have left the venue.

e) Even though it has never occurred, in the event that our delivery vehicle delivering your cake becomes involved in an accident, and your cake gets damaged, we will provide you with a full refund that will include the cost of the cake and delivery fee. We will not be liable for any further charges.

f) We would not be liable for any delays that are beyond our control, such as traffic jams, road closures due to festivals, accidents, road works, flight delays, airport closures or bad weather conditions nor are we liable for the cancellation of delivery due to severe weather conditions that would deem such delivery a danger to person or vehicle or where the police or relevant authority have advised that travel should not be attempted.

g) Venue parking should be available for delivery. If unavailable, any parking fees above £10 will be charged to the customer.

The Cake, Cake Storage and Shelf Life
a) Cakes should be stored in a cool dark place on a flat sturdy surface, in the box provided until required for display or to be eaten.  If transporting in the car please put the cake on a flat surface, e.g. the boot - not on a lap as the cake will not be level.

b) Do NOT store cakes in direct sunlight especially if they have images or logos as this will damage the quality of the cake.

c) Never put cakes in the fridge other than fresh dairy cream cakes.

d) Sponge – i.e chocolate and vanilla cake will keep up to one week after delivery if uncut, but will be at their best for 2-3 days after delivery.  Carrot cake should be consumed within 2 days of delivery.  Fruit cakes last perfectly well for months not years.  All cakes are made to order.

e) Please note that there may be items on your cake which are not edible.  Please ensure that all pillars, dowels, sugar flowers, posy picks, ribbons, candles and any other non edible items are removed from the cake before cutting and consuming.  Be aware that sugar flowers may contain wires and non edible stamens and models and flowers may also contain beads or crystals. 

Star bursts are made with wires and they are placed in a food safe posy pick inserted into your cake.  However THEY ARE NOT TO BE CONSUMED and MUST be removed from the cake before cutting/consumption.

We are not liable nor do we hold any responsibility for illness/injury arising from non adherence to these guidelines.  If you are not cutting the cake yourself, please pass this information on to the person concerned.

Food & Nut Allergy Warning
Nuts: Please note our cakes are made in an environment where nuts and nut products may be used and therefore our cakes may contain traces of nuts and fruit cakes will contain alcohol unless specifically requested.

Dairy products:  Please note our cakes contain dairy products unless otherwise stated and are made in an environment where milk, eggs and dairy products are used. 

I do not accept any responsibility for any illness/injury arising from non adherence to this health and safety information.

a) All of our cake prices displayed on our website are dependent upon cake flavour/size and design.  Price quoted during a customer enquiry is current and may change from time to time due to a price increase on ingredients and other materials by our suppliers.

b) A price quoted during an enquiry, is guaranteed to remain unchanged, only if a booking has been confirmed and deposit paid.  All of our quotes are valid for 7 days only. 

c) While we try and ensure that all prices on our website are accurate, errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price of goods you have ordered we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or cancelling it. If we are unable to contact you we will treat the order as cancelled. In this instance if you cancel and you have already paid for the goods, you will receive a full refund. 

In adherence with the Data Protection Act, All About Cake will not pass on your personal or credit or debit card details to any third party except where an additional security check may be deemed necessary. We may retain your personal details only for any future marketing and analysis of All About Cake or to contact you to keep you up to date with any special offers/promotions that All About Cake may be offering.